Tumbling Toddler

May and June were/have been busy. Marlene and family came to visit, Maya took a tumbling (i.e. toddler gymnastics) class, and the three of us drove to the DC area for Maya’s Great Uncle Dave’s 90th birthday party thrown by her Great Aunt Barbara. While in DC, we also saw Ken’s friend Lothian and family which included some wet fun at the splash pad. To top off the road trip, we had dinner with Maya’s Great-Great Aunt Thelma, Great-Great Uncle Leonard, cousins Jon and Sue and their grown children Anna and Jacob.

The other main update: Maya’s vocabulary is rapidly growing, creating astonishment at least once a day.

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1 Response to Tumbling Toddler

  1. Nana says:

    The pictures are beautiful, the people so very special. Thank you for sharing. The captions are perfect.
    Much love,

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