How to avoid "made in China"

Here are just a few companies that either manufacture elsewhere or at least sell some products not made in China.

Baby/Children’s Toys

Oompa has toys Made in the USA.
Gator Tots has baby through big kid stuff made in the USA (and Europe).
Step2 does a nice job of labeling which products on their site are made in the USA.
Blabla’s collection is knitted by Peruvian artisans.
Maple Landmark Woodcraft, a Vermont green toy manufacturer, craft a wide range of wooden toys, games, and gifts.


WaterField Designs is a cool, customer service-oriented, online company that makes all sorts of bags/cases, many for electronic devices such as laptops, iPhones, etc. The postcard tucked into the shipment with our digital camera case says, “WaterField bags are designed and made in San Francisco, where rent is high, labor expensive, and competition is intense. We wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
Shinola also makes leather bags in Detroit.


Unfortunately, most apple juice is now made from concentrate from China.  Mott’s lasers this information on the bottle, not the label, so it is hard to see.  Juicy Juice also imports their apple juice from China.  Since most of the major labels are following their lead, we are working on compiling a list of the smaller manufacturers who don’t.  The first one we have found is Indian Summer, made from Michigan apples in the USA.  The second one is TreeTop, made from Washington apples in the USA.  While most TreeTop products are distributed only in the Western US, Starbucks here in Michigan carries TreeTop apple juice boxes.

Don’t be fooled by a brand name.  Pennsylvania Dutchman canned mushrooms have recently been a product of China (or India).  Oddly, Giorgio Organic Mushrooms, canned by the same parent company, are typically from the U.S.

Trader Joe’s does not carry single ingredient items grown in China as reported in 2008.


Canon makes most of their camcorders, cameras and other consumer electronics in Japan.

Large TVs from Samsung, Panasonic, and Sharp are made in Mexico.

Most Samsung phones are made in Korea and some of their other consumer electronics are also made there.
The Moto X from Motorola is assembled in the USA.

Home Organization and More

Yaffa makes everything from colanders to wastebaskets to hangers.

Home Improvement

Broan and Nutone make most of their bathroom ventilation fans in the USA (excluding models with heaters which are unfortunately made in China).

Most Kohler toilets are made in Mexico as are American Standard models.

In terms of thermostats, unfortunately, the Nest is made in China; however Honeywell thermostats are made in Mexico.

As for lighting, once again, most of the options at the big box stores are unfortunately manufactured in China. We believe the best bets are Juno or H.E. Williams, both of which appear to be made in the USA.  They provide all sorts of lighting solutions including recessed, under cabinet, etc.

Shoes and Clothing

Sundance Leather makes excellent sheepskin slippers in the USA.  We have not yet tried their outdoor shoes or hats.
Allen Edmonds shoes are made in the USA.
Wolverine Boots appear to all be made in the USA.
Blue jeans are now made in Detroit at the aptly named Detroit Denim.

Personal Care

Not sure if all Denman hair brushes are made in the UK, but Amy loves her new paddle brush that is.

Meijer sells a Travel Toothbrush which is made in the USA, bundled with Crest toothpaste (made in Canada).

Vehicle Accessories

Weathertech ran an ad in Super Bowl 2014 stating that their car mats, cargo liners, etc., are made in American factories, with American raw materials by American workers.

Watches and Bicycles

One of our favorite companies is Shinola, which brought watchmaking back to the US, specifically Detroit.  They also make bicycles and other high-end goods.
Detroit Bikes also makes bikes in the Motor City.

More to come soon. In the meantime, if you need help finding a non-made-in-China item, email us and we’ll see if we have it on our list.
[In addition, you may find the website helpful as it contains a list of some products made in the US, but please know that it is not comprehensive. For example, Ujena is not listed, but “offers one of the largest selections of swimwear in the world and is one of the few major swimwear companies to still manufacture its products in the United States.”  We also find to be helpful although they charge American companies to be listed.]

10 Responses to How to avoid "made in China"

  1. simon family says:

    OK, don’t know how to email you, but here’s what we need:

    I pod
    cell phone
    computer, including ac adapter
    calculator for calculus
    digital camera, including battery/charger
    video game console/hand held video game
    laptop, including a/c adapter
    karaoke machine
    stuffed easter bunny
    action figures
    green tea
    artificial flowers
    glow in the dark stars
    remote control helicopter
    wrestling headgear/shoes
    cat bed/toys
    video camera, including battery, charger
    ping pong table, including balls, paddles
    foozeball game
    any hand held electronic game

    there is more, but let us know if any of these items are on your list, thanks

    • Ken Zendel says:

      Simon family,

      Happy to help. Your list seems very broad and non-specific in some areas. Not sure if you are serious… If you are, as you will see above, Canon makes digital cameras in countries other than China. Are there any other specific items you are interested in? If so, happy to answer.


    • Izzy says:

      You can find “green tea” through Bigelow Co. It is produced in the United States. In fact there are several tea plantations/farms in America.

      Cat beds are easy to find, that is if you don’t shop solely at Wal Mart. Clocks? There are a number of American clock makes.

      Here’s what you can do; type in a search engine “Made in America” wrestling headgear. Or whatever product you are looking for. You will usually find quite a few companies listed. Or, you can simply type in “Made in America”, Made in USA”, etc. Those two searches will bring up a bevy of sites for American made product.

  2. Adrian says:

    I have a Google Nexus 5 made in Korea. Anyone know of major shoe manufacturers who don’t make shoes in China? You can google american made shoes and find some manufacturers for made in USA, FYI. Any leads on not MIC light bulbs?

  3. Katie says:

    Bunn coffee pots are American made

  4. Hey I am trying to live 2014 without China and posting updates on Twitter @yearwithnoChina
    I have an Ixus digital Canon camera Made in China. I need to buy a new digital camera, preferably Canon but not Made in China. Any info on the models that are Made in Japan?

    Does anyone make digital cameras in USA?

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